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We hope every question is here.
If not you can always contact us and ask any questions.

  • Q. How many chefs for how many people?

  • A. Depends on the package. Usually 2 chefs for 100 guests. 

  • Q. What do clients need to prepare?​

  • A. Tables, table cover, napkin and fork, spoon, and plates.

  • Q. Do you guys provide the table, spoon, forks, and plates, table cover?

  • A. Yes we can. It will cost extra. Contact by email or phone number.

  • Q. Can you guys extra serving time?

  • A. Yes. Usually, 2 hours serving. But we can add a max of 2 hours more. It will cost extra. Contact with email or phone number.

  • Q. If the client wants to add certain hours for serving time, when should be the best time to let you know?

  • A. Best to contact us would be at least 2days before the event. Contact us.

  • Q. Do you need power?

  • A. Yes we need power. Our displays need a power outage. And if your package needs anything related to frying we need high voltage.

  • Q. How long before serving time do you need to prep?

  • A. Two hours before serving time.

  • Q. How many events per day?

  • A. Maximum 2 events per day so we can serve the best fresh authentic sushi experience you have ever had before.

  • Q. Can you adjust the menu?

  • A. Yes, we can more than happy to adjust the menu. For example,  Food allergies or gluten-free sauces etc...

  • Q. Do you provide alcohol?

  • A. Currently, we do not serve alcohol with our service.

  • Q. Can I change my reservation?

  • A. Sure. Just let us know 3days before the event. 

  • Q. Can I add extra guests?

  • A. Yes, you can. Just let us know 3days before the event. We order fresh fish for every event.

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